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Refund and Returns Policy

Flexible return policy gives customers a comfortable experience in shopping with Gains Group.

  • All our products are handmade and tasteful. And they are delivered to the customer with great care. So we hope the customer will not need to return any product. Even then, if the product is damaged due to any kind of negligence on the way, follow the rules given below.

Customers can cancel orders any time before receiving delivery.
Customers can return products within 24 hours time of receiving delivery on the following conditions.

  • If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect or incomplete at the time of delivery, please file a return request on the website within 24 hours time of receiving items of the delivery date.
  • For product related issues after usage or the expiration of the returning time, or If you have any questions about the product, please contact the seller. The contact details of the seller can be found on the seller dashboard and vendor store.

The package should be unopened, stickers & marking should not be removed.
Payment will be refunded within 7 days from the date of return.

Art Materials, Crafts, (Painted clothes- Panjabi, Shari)

  • All items: 7 Days; Return and refund.
  • Eligible for return if the item is “No longer needed”.
  • If your item arrived in defective / damaged or incorrect / incomplete condition, a refund will be issued.

Artwork, Books, Portrait, Digital Products

  • Non-returnable

Valid reasons to return an item

  • Delivered Product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective (dead on arrival).
  • Delivered Product is incorrect (presentation different on website) / incomplete.
  • Delivered Product is -(You have changed your mind about the purchase / the size of a fashion product does not fit / you do not like the product after opening the package) – eligible for selected products only.

Refunds Policy

Issuance of Refunds

If your product is eligible for a refund, you can choose your preferred refund method based on the table below.

The time required to complete a refund depends on the refund method you have selected. Once we have received your product (4-5 working days) and it has undergone a quality control (2 working days), the expected refund processing times are as follows:

Payment Method Refund Option Refund Time
Debit or Credit Card Debit or Credit Card Payment Reversal 9-10 working days
Others Bank Deposit / Mobile Payment Reversal 5 working days